We purchase both dairy and beef cross calves, based on breed specification, directly for our rearing units. These calves pass through one of our two collection centres.

We also supply commercial beef farmers wanting to buy young calves to rear for themselves. 

Our contract calf rearing units, which are strategically located throughout our trading area, rear weaned calves to order.

These calves are reared to 3 – 4 months of age on a strict health protocol and specialised diets thus ensuring that we maximize liveweight gains, and produce a first class calf for our finishers.

Young calves are bought and sold on a simple grade and weight basis

Our competitive prices are set on a weekly basis.

This ensures that calf producers are suitably rewarded for the quality of their calves, and buyers receive the quality of calves that they have requested.

Collection Centres

We buy young calves from dedicated dairy farmers who we know and trust, through our collection centres in Devon and Shropshire, or directly to one of our dedicated rearing units.


The centres run on a weekly basis for all types of rearing calves.  They maintain a high standard of animal welfare and all the staff are trained to handle livestock, minimizing the stress for the cattle and ensuring that the operation runs smoothly and efficiently.

The centres are regularly monitored by Trading Standards, APHA, and the RSPCA and always have an appointed Veterinary Surgeon on call if required.

We also run a calf collection service in some parts of the country. To find out which days this service is operating in your area, please contact us