Buying & Selling Young Calves

Selling Young Calves to Blade Farming

To realize top prices, young calves must be at least 50kgs on arrival in the calf collection centre, and have had sufficient colostrum in their first few days of life. Random blood testing is carried out in both the collection centre and rearing units to monitor calf colostrum intakes.

We have particularly strong markets for Holstein Friesian bulls, Aberdeen Angus bulls and heifers. Some other native breeds have been chosen from our calf improvement programme, and will be eligible for our Finished cattle contracts.

Forward price calf contracts can be drawn up for calves born to certain selected Aberdeen Angus bulls, thus giving the producer the reassurance that all his calves are sold at an agreed price.

Blade Farming's Star Sires Scheme

Watch a video about the Blade Farming Star Sires Scheme - making a difference to dairy genetics.

When selling young calves to Blade Farming you'll receive:
  • A four grade competitive pricing system enabling calves to be valued before they leave the farm
  • A regular visit from a Blade representative and advice on your marketing options
  • An opportunity to tie into a competitive forward price contract agreement for certain breeds, notably Aberdeen Angus
  • Transport arranged if required by our team of fully trained ABM approved hauliers
  • No commission to pay
  • Prompt reliable payment with an advice note stating grade and weight
  • A regular reliable calf collection on a weekly basis, saving considerable time and money

Buying Young Calves from Blade Farming

We supply a large number of young calves to order to Beef Farmers to rear. If you want to purchase a group of calves then we need them ordered in advance. Calves will be selected in the calf Collection centre to your requirements, and can then be delivered or collected as required.

Benefits of buying young calves from Blade Farming:
  • Calves are selected from their farm of origin by Blade Farming representatives
  • Calves come into the centre from regular suppliers
  • Calves will be selected to your individual requirements
  • Regular weekly collection centre
  • Payment is due 14 days after delivery / collection
  • Producers are encouraged to come and visit the collection centre to see their calves being sorted
If you're interested in buying or selling calves, call us on 01458 259 413 or Contact Us using our enquiry form.

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