Veal Production

Veal ProductionIn July 2012 we have embarked on a new venture to produce High welfare RSPCA approved Veal specifically for the UK market.

Working closely with one of the major Retailers in the UK, we have been able to source a regular supply of good quality H/Friesian bull calves between 2 and 5 weeks old. These calves are all coming from herds that practice exceptional levels of calf management, ensuring that all calves get the required levels of colostrum at birth, and are correctly managed in the early stages of their lives.

Calves are then transferred to specialist calf rearing units where they are reared on ad-lib milk machines in well ventilated, open straw yards with access to roughage at all times. Calves go through a carefully planned health program and live-weight gain is monitored on a regular basis to ensure calves meet their performance targets.

See High welfare Veal production on one of the specialist Blade Farming Veal Calf Units.

Veal ProductionThe target production for the Veal is a well covered, 110 - 120 Kg carcase from a bull at 24 weeks old. In order for the meat to appeal to the consumer, the meat colour will be critical. This will be influenced by nutrition which must be closely monitored and importantly calves must not be subjected to any stress.

Calf welfare is critical at all stages of their lives, and so the units are visited and monitored by the Blade team and our Vets on a regular basis. Our Vets will also be blood testing the calves at intervals to ensure that their health and nutritional status is correct.

In order to minimize the risk of disease entering the units, they all operate to very a high standard of hygiene. Bio-security stations are positioned at the entrance to all the units, and visits / deliveries are strictly by appointment only.

bio-security station veal unit

All the units meet the RSPCA Freedom Foods Farm Assurance accreditation standards, and this new venture is being monitored by our business partners at Mole Valley Farmers, Volac and Diversey.

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