Calf Rearing & Our Calf Rearers

Blade Farming Ltd calf rearers are an exclusive group of highly professional calf rearers. Their dedication to their calves and their attention to detail with every aspect of their calf rearing leads to the production of over 12,000 top quality reared calves per year.

Calves are reared in purpose built calf sheds, which during the design phases have had careful attention paid to calf welfare and the ventilation in the buildings.

Units are strategically placed to serve the Blade Finishing units and also to be able to supply reared calves to the rest of the beef industry whose beef systems do not lend themselves to calf rearing.

All the units operate a strict bio-security regime, but visits can be arranged strictly by appointment. Please Contact Us to arrange an appointment.

If you have the dedication and attention to detail to be a Blade Farming calf rearer or would like to buy reared calves, we'd like to hear from you. Please call 01458 259 413.

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