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Spring Meetings 2017

During March, April and May, Blade Farming, Zoetis and Mole Valley Feed Solutions will be holding a series of spring meetings throughout the country.

The meetings will be based at either a Contract calf rearing unit or a contract finishing unit, and will give Beef producers the opportunity to see and discuss the Blade Farming model in more detail with key partners in the operation.

There will be presentations during the day from Zoetis on BVD in the Beef herd and the health of the young calf; MVFS will be there to discuss feeding young growing cattle and maximising live-weight gain in order to meet production targets, and Blade Farming will be there to give an overview of their business, highlight the benefits of buying a weaned calf and the opportunities and benefits that being part of the Blade system offers the Beef producer.

The meeting will start at 11.00am and end with lunch at 1.00pm

Programme for the day:

10.30 am Refreshments
11.00 am Presentations
12.00 midday Farm walk and discussions
1.00 pm Lunch and depart

To reserve a place and book your lunch, please call Marisa at MVFS; Tel: 01769 576219 or the Blade office; Tel 01458 259413 or email


29th March Contract Calf rearing unit, near Cullompton, Devon
12th April Blade Finishing unit in Gloucestershire
26th April Blade Finishing unit near Reading
3rd May Contract Calf rearing unit near Bridgnorth
10th May Blade Finishing unit near Newcastle


ABP launch industry leading livestock website

ABP Food Group is proud to announce the launch of our new Livestock Website,

The site has been developed to provide farmers access to all of the data we have on their livestock, along with tools to manage their data to help them with their businesses.

ABP LiveStock has a free, comprehensive portal which will enable ABP supplying farmers to gain insight into their cattle directly and conveniently. It will give farmers access to their kill data, all information which is currently communicated via the kill sheet and remittance advice including weights, grades, and value per head. This will all be accessible on the same day the cattle are killed. The portal will give farmers access to historic data as well so they can compare performance against previous years data.

The LiveStock portal is simple to use, the data is clear and easy to read, displayed in both bar and line charts. Furthermore, the data from the livestock portal is downloadable and easily imputed into farmers own agricultural packages. It is accessible from any device, 24/7, giving farmers absolute control over their data.

Frequently asked questions

1. How do I sign up?
Signing up to ABP LiveStock portal is easy - all you need is your last ABP remittance report. Click the login/Sign up link on the top right hand side of your screen and fill in the form to get started. **

2. Do I need to download a programme?**
No. All of your data is accessed via the portal on the website.

3. Can I access it on my phone?
The LiveStock website is accessible on any device including your phone, tablet, computer or laptop.

4. Is my data secure?
Yes, only you have access to your farms data.**

5. How do I find out more information?**
Please contact your local ABP Livestock contact for more information


ABP moves to VIA grading and 15 point grading grids

From the end of November the ABP sites have moved over to grading cattle on a 15 point grading grid. At the same time Visual Imaging Analysis or VIA grading has been introduced and the combination of these two elements will improve the accuracy of the cattle grading system.

* Contact us for more details


World Steak Challenge logoGold Award winner World Steak Challenge 2015

Miller & Carter takes gold in Steak Challenge.

Miller & Carter steakhouses are celebrating after winning a Gold Award Standard as part of the World Steak Challenge 2015.

Seventy steaks from ten different countries, including sirloin steak produced through the Mitchells and Butlers Quality cattle scheme which is a joint initiative with Blade Farming, were entered into the World Steak Challenge. Eleven steaks, including the Miller & Carter sirloin, went forward to win Gold Medals and only four medals were awarded to UK produced steaks.

Each steak was judged on its own merits against internationally agreed criteria. Technical testing covered two areas: raw and cooked and the judging panel was made up of renowned steak experts including master griller Fernando Larroude from the Gaucho Group, chef and writer Kevin Ashton and executive chef of the renowned M restaurant Mike Reid.

* Visit the World Steak Challenge website


A Rearing Success!

Sarah Whiting has just won Blade Farming's Rearer of the Year award, based entirely on having the highest key performance indicators for the past year.

Find out how she acheived such efficiencies.

* Read the article


Rearing calves gives chance to grow business

Rearing calves (for Blade) has given Ben Moody the opportunity to start his own business and build his own home.

* Read the article


WESTCOUNTRY FARMER: Moving calves to next stage needs careful handling

When it comes to maximising efficiencies and growth rates, North Devon beef farmer David Hartnoll believes minimising nutritional and environmental stress is the key to it all.

* Read the article


Continental X Steer and Heifer Contracts

New Management guide for Continental steers and heifers

A new Management guide for Continental steers and heifers has been added to the series of guides which outline the Blade Farming cattle contracts.

The new guide gives details of the Forward price contract which offers +25p/Kg dwt over the ABP weekly base price and is available for producers of continental steers and heifers coming through the Blade system.

* Download the Guide [PDF]


Blade Farming Spring meetings

The popular Blade Spring meetings are planned for the following venues:

 Date  Location
25th March M/s Tabor, Yeovil
A finishing unit maximising the use of home grown forage to finish up to 250 Angus x steers and heifers and continental x heifers on Blade contracts.
8th April M/s Pass, Atherstone, Warwickshire
A contract calf unit rearing, rearing batches of 80 calves at a time on the Blade system.
15th April M/s Hinton, Northallerton
A Blade finisher aiming to finish around 120 Angus x cattle on contract.
13th May Slawston Grange, Market Harborough
Running a batch system with groups of 40 Angus cattle coming on farm every 3 months.

At each meeting there will be presentations from Zoetis on calf health and the Blade rearing system, from Mole Valley Feed Solutions on nutrition and feeding growing cattle and from Blade Farming on Blade contracts and the benefits of producing cattle for a defined market.

All the representatives will also be available to discuss the wider aspects of animal health, nutrition and Beef production.

10.30 am          Arrival – tea and coffee
11.00 am          Presentations
12.00 midday    Farm tour
12.45 pm          Lunch and finish

* If you would like to book a place at one of the meetings, contact the Blade Farming office on 01458 259413 or


Blade Farming office moveBlade Farming office move

The Blade Farming offices have relocated to larger premises in Langport.

New contact details from the beginning of January 2015 are as follows:

Blade Farming
The Farm support office
Old Kelways
Somerton road
TA10 9SJ

Tel: 01458 259413
Email addresses are unchanged


+25 p/Kg for 2015!

Blade Farming are have announced two new Forward Price contracts to add to the popular contracts that are already on offer to Beef finishers, both of which will pay a premium of +25 p/Kg dwt over the ABP weekly price.

The main points of the contracts are as follows:

Continental x steers and heifers

  • The premium paid for all cattle meeting the specification will be +25 p/Kg dwt over the ABP weekly price
  • Cattle must be supplied by Blade Farming
  • Cattle must be under 24 months at slaughter with a minimum carcass weight of 260 Kgs dwt They must be fed on a 'non-GM' diet and,
  • They must be delivered to ABP Sturminster or ABP Ellesmere when finished.

Bull contract

  • The premium paid for all cattle meeting the specification will be +25 p/Kg dwt over the ABP weekly price
  • Cattle must be supplied by Blade Farming
  • Cattle must be under 16 months at slaughter with a minimum carcass weight of 260 Kgs dwt, and,
  • They must be delivered to certain ABP sites when finished.

* Contact the Blade office on 01458 259413 or for more info.


Blade expands further North

We are delighted to announce that we have two new members in the Blade team who will be developing the Blade business in our northern region.

Joanne Alderson joins to oversee our Northern region calf rearing business and develop a series of new Contract rearing units. The new units will cover the area from Gloucestershire to Preston, and will link in well with our new Calf collection centre as our calf procurement area develops.

Robert Ashmore will be joining our Calf Procurement team, buying calves, selling reared calves and supervising our new Calf Collection centre which will feed calves in to our Calf units. The collection centre and calf units are strategically placed to spread the Blade business and link up with some of the other ABP sites in the area.

Both our new recruits will be working alongside the existing Blade team, and we are excited by the prospect of taking the Blade Farming model into new areas.

* Contact either Joanne or Robert through the Blade office


New Calf Collection centre

At the beginning of August 2014 we will be opening our new Calf Collection centre near Whitchurch in Shropshire. It will be located at Oaklands farm, Weston-under-Redcastle, SY4 5LR.

Robert Ashmore will be overseeing the centre, and if you would like to use this facility please contact him via the Blade office.


Blade Farming Lamb contractsNew for 2014! We are pleased to announce the launch of Blade Farming Lamb contracts.

Our new lamb farming business is dedicated to supplying consistently high quality lamb to retailers and their customers.

  • Contract bonuses for 16.0 - 20.0 Kg/dwt carcases
  • Pre-planned delivery slots
  • Prompt payment

Speak to your livestock team to find out more:
Tom Foot (ABP): 07767 885 975
James Draper (ABP): 07949 586 187

* Download the leaflet for full details

mitchells & butlers05.11.2013

'Working with the one of the UK's leading operators of Pubs and Restaurants, Mitchells and Butlers, Blade Farming are able to launch a unique 'Contract Finishing scheme' for cattle.

Mitchells & Butlers Premium Beef Scheme

  • Contracts will be aimed at cattle arriving on farm from July 2013 onwards. Contracts are for heifers and steers under 22 months.
  • Contracts will be signed for the lifetime of the cattle in the batch and ear tag numbers will be recorded.
  • Contracts may be subject to change at any time.

Grading Grid

Any cattle falling outside of these grades will be priced in line with the published ABP UK cattle grid per kg deadweight, as relevant on the day of slaughter, less the value of the weaned calf and will not be included within the M&B Premium Beef Scheme.

   1  2 3 4L 4H 5L  5H

Weight Ranges

  • 270 Kgs dwt and above Agreed contract price
  • 260 269.9 Kgs dwt Minus 40
  • 259.9 Kgs and under - be priced in line with the published ABP UK cattle grid per kg deadweight, as relevant on the day of slaughter, less the value of the weaned calf

M& B will finance the weaned calf, upon slaughter the farmer will receive payment based on the carcass specification. The contract payment will be agreed at the beginning of the contract and tracks current production costs. The contract price will cover all costs and built into this base price is a management fee of 110.

Payment Breakdown

Payment Breakdown

  • There is a deposit of 20 per calf which covers the cost of the vaccine
  • Haulage to the abattoir will be paid for by the farmer

* Download PDF of this article

* Download Quality Cattle Scheme Brochure


'Blade Farming Calf Rearer of the Year' winner announced

'Blade Farming Calf Rearer of the Year' winner announcedBev and Dave Horton win the prestigious 'Blade Farming Calf Rearer of the Year' award.

Read about Bev and Dave's enterprise and commitment which has led them to this award after only farming in their own right since August 2011.

* Read the full article on Farmers Guardian


Aberdeen Angus Price Increase

Aberdeen Angus Price IncreaseWe are delighted that the premium for Aberdeen Angus sired cattle has increased to 40p per kg above the weekly quoted price.

This is for cattle in specification supplied through Blade Farming to ABP.

The demand for consistent, high quality beef is growing and we have a unique system to deliver this.

By operating a fully integrated beef program we are able to lock in feed prices and calf prices to offer forward thinking beef finishers a sustainable beef system for the long term.

*Please call 01458 259 413 or email for more information.


A good opportunity is arising for Beef Farmers running short of feed

A good opportunity is arising for Beef Farmers running short of feedNow may be the time to order your weaned calves. They can be ordered now for delivery in April / May when buildings are available and other cattle are away at grass.

Angus calves born at this time of year will finish off grass in their second summer, maximizing the use of your home grown forage and with a reduced reliance on concentrates feeds.

The attractive forward price contract that Blade can offer, its ease of management and its efficient conversion of forage is making the Angus the breed of choice for many farmers.

Our contract calf rearing units are now spread throughout the country, and set up to rear all breeds of calf, so why not contact the Blade office and discuss your options.

*Please call 01458 259 413 or email for more information.


Blade Farming receives High Welfare Award

Blade Farming receives High Welfare AwardBlade Farming collected an award for high welfare in the new veal units developed specifically for Sainsbury's.

High welfare milk fed veal was launched in store on December 5th which is produced through the veal development group operated and managed through Blade Farming.

In the group are 8 dedicated veal farms working to a unique cost of production model finishing more than 2,000 head of calves between them. Each unit operates an all in-all out system to reduce any possible health issues and also to make sure that the system is sustainable by focussing on any waste costs.

"We are delighted to have won this award" explains Richard Phelps our Managing Director "The veal units have taken a great deal of time and effort in recruiting like minded farmers for the veal development group who were prepared to invest in high welfare units. The cost of production model which is an industry first for beef farmers was the key to getting this system started and without Sainsbury's commitment we couldn't have achieved this."

* Find out more about Veal Production

New Website Launched!05.11.2012

New Website Launched!

Our new look website has gone live today, and with the new refreshed look comes more information and the ability for Blade Finishers to access their weights and grades through the site.

A new section 'Is Blade for me?' asks a number of questions to help prospective finishers decide if the Blade business is right for them, and if it is please contact us via the contact forms.

There are sections explaining the importance to the Blade rearing business of practising good health and nutritional procedures, and there is also information from Eblex on presenting cattle for slaughter.

We hope that the new format makes it easier to find your way around the site.


Historic details of the Blade Rose Veal production system which, due to high feed costs and changes in consumer trends, is currently under review.

The first batch of Rose Veal bulls were processed in April 2008, and the target was to consistently produce 200 Kg carcasses from F/Holstein bulls that graded as -O2 and were from bulls that were under 12 months of age.

The bulls were sourced from the Blade Farming collection centre in Honiton and reared in our contract calf rearing units before going out to a small number of specialised finishing units. The bulls were then fed on high starch rations with a high level of maize inclusion to ensure rapid growth and the correct level of flesh and fat cover at a young age.

Analysis of the results of the cattle processed show that 44% of the bulls made the -O2 grade with an average carcass weight of 206.7 Kgs dwt. Our customer was delighted with the way that the Blade system could produce such consistent results.

The dramatic increases in the costs of production for Rose Veal, and changes in consumer requirements mean that the Blade Rose Veal production system is currently under review.


Updated Aberdeen Angus Management Guide Download Here

A new and updated Management guide has been produced with an important section on 'Transition feeding'.


Youngest Ever app Designer develops Blade Farming App. Download Now!

Youngest Ever app Designer develops Blade Farming AppBlade Farming has a new iPhone app that has been designed and developed by 12 year old Ed Goodall who is probably the world's youngest ever app designer.

A new and updated Management guide has been produced with an important section on 'Transition feeding'.

The application (app) is a piece of software used on iPhones and iPads that appears on the screen and when pressed will take the user to a program. The Blade Farming program allows calf rearers to enter their production information through the phone app that is then uploaded directly to the Blade Farming head office to monitor the performance of the animals in the Blade operation. There are links to videos and images of the Blade operation too.

Ed is a neighbour of Richard Phelps the company's founder and managing director "Ed came to me as he was looking for the chance to design an app as he was keen to see how this could work. I thought it would be a great idea for Blade to have something that would improve the feedback system for our calf rearers. He has finished the first phase of the Blade app and there are more updates to come. Ed has done a great job and I am really proud that our app was designed by possibly one of the world's youngest ever app designers" explains Richard.

Ed goes onto explain "I have always had a keen interest in computers and I have an iPad at home. I wanted to see if I could develop an app for it and I know Richard runs Blade farming as I went to school with Harry Phelps (Richard's eldest son). I asked Richard if it would be OK to design something for Blade. When I submitted the final design to apple in America I was so excited to see it on the app store". Ed is definitely Europe's youngest ever designer and maybe the world's youngest. The Guinness Book of World records are checking to see if another 12 year old in the USA is older than Ed.

Blade Farming wants to encourage more young farmers back into beef rearing and finishing through Blade's innovative approach to financing the rearing operations "We are unique in what we do" says Richard "We fund the calf, the feed and all veterinary inputs. No other business does this in the same way which doesn't excite young farmers to get into beef production".

Blade Farming also uses twitter and facebook as another way to reach the modern farming generation.


New Blade contract price for H/Friesian cattle producers

A new Foward contract price of +20 p/Kg dwt is now available to Blade finishing units. The Forward contract is designed to be available for both steers (up to 30 months) and bulls (up to 16 months). There is a readily available source of 3 month old H/Friesian bull calves coming through the Blade calf rearing units to supply finishing units, and contracts will be based on 20 p/Kg dwt over the Abattoir weekly base price on the day of sale.

* Read Full Details


ABP Food Group Acquisition of RWM Food Group including Blade Farming

ABP Food Group, the parent company for ABP UK, is pleased to announce the agreed acquisition of the RWM Food Group Holdings Limited, effective from 9 October 2011. The RWM business processes beef and lamb at facilities in Langport, Somerset and Yetminster, Dorset respectively. The Dorset plant also includes a retail packing operation. The acquisition also includes the Blade Farming operation.

* Read Full Details


More good news for Blade Farming beef producers

Beef farmers signing up to new contracts for the Blade Aberdeen Angus scheme area now able to cash in on the success of the scheme by locking into a Forward price contract which offers a price of +25 p/Kg over the SCFF base price. This price will add approximately 70 to the average Angus carcass.

* Find out More


Blade Farming Forward Price Contract Options

There are two options listed based on batches of cattle which may be subject to change at any time. Contracts will be aimed at cattle being slaughtered between January 2012 and December 2012. Contracts are for steers and heifers under 30 months and for young bulls under 16 months. Prices quoted are base price (R3 / R4L)

* View 2012 Forward Price Contract Options


Blade Farming Ltd celebrates 10 years of top quality beef production

Blade Farming Ltd celebrates 10 years of top quality beef productionBrian Turner along with a host of beef farmers and calf rearers made up the audience of more than 150 people celebrating 10 years of beef production. John Cross (EBLEX), Michele Banik Rake (McDonald's) and Humphrey Grimmett (Pfizer Animal health) all gave speeches on
how Blade has made it to this milestone.

* Read More


Blade Aberdeen Angus cattle hit 308p/Kg dwt!

Blade Aberdeen Angus cattle hit 308p/Kg dwt!Cattle that are finished to the required standards of the Blade Aberdeen Angus scheme are now realising up to 3.08 /Kg dwt, and so young, under 20 month old cattle, which have been properly finished on a cereal and forage based diet, are now realising in excess of 900 / head.

* Find out More


Profitable Beef production with the Blade Farming Aberdeen Angus scheme

The dates for the round of spring meetings have now been announced. Aimed at helping Beef farmers to develop a sustainable beef production system we will be holding a series of meetings throughout the country.

Supported by Pfizer, BOCM Pauls, Mole Valley Farmers and the Westpoint Veterinary Group the dates and venues are as follows:

  • Thursday 31st March 2011
    Mervyn Keeling, Wilmington farm, Wilmington Bath BA2 9JB
  • Tuesday 19th April 2011
    Frank Hawkins, North Beer farm, Spreyton. Crediton Devon EX17 5AP
  • Wednesday 18th May 2011
    David Fairburn, Waterside House, Alnmouth, Alnwick, Northumberland NE66 3QL

Each meeting will start at 11.00 am and refreshments will be provided. There will be a farm walk and presentations from Blade Farming, BOCM Pauls, Mole Valley Farmers and Pfizer.

Numbers are limited so please confirm your attendance by calling the Blade Farming office on 01458 259 413.


Rose Veal Production Price Increase

Blade Farming, working with Linden foods is pleased to be able to announce that following the success of the Rose Veal business to date, there will be an increase in the price being paid for the Rose Veal bulls that are delivered into Langport.

* Full Story & Grading Sheets


First McDonald's Flagship Farm announced

The Tudor family, who run a Blade Farming calf rearing unit in Shropshire, are the first beef farm in Great Britain to become a 'McDonald's Flagship Farm'.

* Read the Case Study


Great news for Blade Farming cattle finishers.

Blade Farming has increased the 'Forward price' on their Aberdeen Angus contracts.

* View NEW Contract Prices


Blade Farming featured on BBC's Jimmy's Food Factory

Jimmy Doherty from BBC's Jimmy's Food Factory speaks to Richard Phelps, MD of Blade Farming Ltd to find out how his farmers are able to produce consistantly high quality aberdeen angus beef using the Blade Farming system.

* Watch the Video


Beef Farmer of the Year 2010 Announced

Two of the three Finalists of the FW Beef Farmer of the Year 2010 work with Blade Farming to produce top quality cattle.

* Find out More


Beef Farmer of the Year 2010 Announced

Two of the three Finalists of the FW Beef Farmer of the Year 2010 work with Blade Farming to produce top quality cattle.

* Find out More


Farmers Weekly visit the SCFF Abattoir to examine the importance of the correct handling facilities in the lairage.

* Find out More


Aberdeen Angus contract finishing business provides a positive alternative to dairy farming for this Somerset family.

* Read the Case Study


The Tudor family, who contract rear calves for Blade, feature in a Farmers Weekly case study

* Read the Case Study


The programme of meetings and events for the SW healthy youngstock initiative - August, September and October 2010.

* Download the events timetable PDF


New payment grid for the Rose Veal producers confirming the forward pricing structure into 2011.

* Download the PDF


Read the latest Blade Farming business update. News and views for members of the Blade Farming scheme.

* Download the PDF


Blade 'Forward price contracts' show significantly increased returns to Beef producers.

Blade Farming Forward Price ContractsForward price contracts may not be everyone's idea of the best way to sell cattle, but the returns being shown from the cattle that have been sold on the 'Pain and gain' price contracts that have been on offer from Blade Farming have, once again, being showing considerable gain for Beef producers. Producers are not only using the contracts for young bulls, but also for continental cross cattle and Holstein / Friesian steers.

This case study offers a detailed comparrisson between two batches of cattle that have been sold recently on the 'Pain and gain' contract compared to the same batches of cattle being sold on the 'spot' market.

* Download the Case Study


Don't miss Blade Farming on BBC Countryfile - Sunday 6th June!

Don't miss Blade Farming on BBC Countryfile - Sunday 6th June!Once again Blade makes a TV appearance. This time we are on BBC Countryfile taking part in the "John Craven Investigates" part of the weekly program.

There is growing concern over the increase in sales of goats and sheep cheese due to the amount of unwanted male animals disposed of at birth. The program looks at how farmers are dealing with this issue and turns to Blade Farming to see what impact we have had on using Holstein bull calves that would have otherwise been disposed of.

The filming takes place at Alan, Margaret and Louise Tudor's unit in Shropshire which has undergone huge investment over the last 6 months to cope with the increasing Blade volume.

John Craven was impressed with the standards of the Blade unit and was unaware of the standards imposed to produce high quality beef. This unit now has an annual throughput of 2600 calves for supply into the 16,000 head Blade finishing units.

* Find out more about Blade Farming's Holstein Beef Contracts


Blade set for Prime Time TV!

Jimmy, Paul and Richard sampling the steaksBlade is set to go on prime time BBC TV in August/September on Jimmy's Food Factory. The program is aimed at people wanting to understand how our food is produced and gives an honest insight into the processes and people involved. This is the second series and the program we are involved in is entitled "pub grub".

Jimmy wanted to know how we could produce the perfect steak and the technology behind our methods. When we originally met with the production team they asked the question - "why is your process different from any other beef production process?" a fair question. We spent a day with them explaining the Blade process and it was clear that the Blade system is different and can produce high quality consistent beef time after time.

The filming was completed in April on the Maidment's calf unit in Chippenham and then the Westaway's Angus finishing unit in Dymock. We had the opportunity to discuss the benefits of high quality beef genetics as well as the whole chain approach we have adopted. At the end of the filming we sampled a standard supermarket steak against a Blade steak. The results will be shown on the program.

* Find out what makes the Blade Farming business so different

07.05. 2010

Blade announces expansion plans through the Farm Diversification Initiative

At the prestigious Farmers Club venue in London, Richard Phelps MD of Blade Farming announced the expansion of the Blade operation to 50,000 head by 2015.

The event was attended by 55 industry people, beef producers, journalists and suppliers to the Blade business. Speaking at the event were key industry leaders - Joy Clachan (McDonald's), John Cross (EBLEX), Jimmy McLean (RBS) and Steve McIvor (CIWF) all giving their support to Blade Farming.

"I can't believe that Blade has been operating for 10 years now" commented John Cross "The business has demonstrated growth through a partnership approach and this is exactly what our beef producers need in this country. The long term future for beef is positive and more operations like this are needed. Congratulations to Blade and well done to the team."

"One of the key objectives of this event is to get more farmers, young and old, back into beef production." explained Richard Phelps "We have worked tirelessly to develop a fully integrated beef supply chain to deliver an open book system from calf supply through to process and using operating procedures to improve animal performance and farm profitability. When we started in 2000 I think we were viewed by industry as a short term scheme and here we are now as the UK's only beef supply chain business. I can't wait for the next 10 years."

Steve McIvor from Compassion in World Farming discussed how the Blade system has been pivotal in retaining large numbers of unwanted Holstein bull calves and how as a farm business we reacted quickly by signing beef producers up on the Holstein bull beef scheme.

The NatWest bank demonstrated their commitment to Blade producers. The elements that Blade has in reducing risk to farmers are positive and a partnership approach between Blade and the NatWest is now in development.

Blade Farming are looking for 250 beef finishers and 50 calf rearers to achieve 50,000 head by 2015. Interested producers should contact the Blade office.


Beef Finishers wanted for Blade programme

Beef Finishers wanted for Blade programmeBeef supply chain business Blade Farming is looking for new calf rearers and finishers and has joined forces with NatWest to help farmers get involved.

Blade is looking for another 250 beef finishers to join its programme - finishing dairy-bred or Angus-cross animals on Blade's own nutritional programme with fixed prices for the finished beasts. The south-west firm is also looking to sign up 50 new contract calf rearers.

Managing director Richard Phelps said a major expansion programme was planned for the next five years and expected Blade to be finishing 50,000 cattle by 2015.

"We offer all our beef producers a lifetime price mechanism for the cattle, which are finished within a tight time period and for a specific supply chain."

"Our forward price contracts, control of inputs and reduced finishing periods, coupled with our IT management programme make the finishing operation more efficient and help our farmers manage cash-flows better."

Key partners for Blade, which included McDonald's restaurants, were keen to see established programmes for beef farmers as a way of assuring consistent future beef supplies, he said.

"The national beef herd is declining. For example, 2008 slaughterings were 12% lower than a decade ago. Our goal is to encourage more farmers into a collaborative beef production system by offering best practice and a financial commitment to their business," said Mr Phelps.

* Please Contact Us for more information on joining the Blade Farming business.


Richard Phelps MD of Blade Farming wins prestigious McDonald's award

Richard Phelps MD of Blade Farming wins prestigious McDonald's awardAt the McDonald's UK technical supplier conference in November Richard Phelps collected the award for outstanding contribution to the sustainable beef supply chain project for all of the work and effort put in by the Blade Farming team.

The project involves carbon footprint measurements of the Blade beef units and utilizing unwanted Holstein bull calves from the dairy herd. While accepting the award Joy Clachan, Agriculture representative from McDonald's said "Richard and his team have achieved a great deal in 2009 and the Blade operation is key to our business in helping McDonald's delivering on future key objectives. So far this year Richard has engaged with stakeholders at agriculture events, identified good beef producers and generated some great case studies to show best practice, spread the McDonald's message and maximized opportunities for McDonald's through the media, supported McDonald's through the Compassion In World Farming beyond calf exports forum and lead changes within the supply chain."

"I am absolutely thrilled that Blade has won this award" explains Richard "Blade was a concept 10 years ago and now we are the leading light in UK beef production. The business is built around understanding our customers and where their businesses are going and converting this into best practice in beef production. Blade has come a long way since 1999 and we are going to continue our growth plan for 50,000 head in 2015. This award is a credit to the team behind Blade Farming."


Business Opportunities for Dairy Farmers

This guide outlines the unique opportunities and benefits that Blade Farming Ltd can offer today's commercial dairy farmer.

* Download Here [PDF - 580Kb]


Aberdeen Angus Management guide

A detailed guide to producing young Aberdeen Angus cattle for the Blade scheme.

* Download Here [PDF - 5Mb]


Blade Star Sires

Blade Farming unveils scheme to boost dairy farmer incomes and to prevent the shooting of male calves at birth.

* Read Full Story [PDF - 578Kb]


Partners in Production

Read the latest edition of Southern Counties Fresh Foods Newsletter.

* Download Here [PDF - 500Kb]


Linden Foods joins Blade Farming

The Blade Farming production model is now being expanded into Northern Ireland with the
launch of Linden Livestock, as a part of Linden Foods.

* Read Full Story [PDF - 1Mb]


Read the latest edition of Blade News

* Download Here [PDF - 1.8Mb]


Competitive finished price contracts announced

New forward price contracts for all types of finished cattle have been announced by Blade Farming Ltd.

* Read Full Story [PDF - 300Kb]


Nigel and David Maidment, South West Calf Rearers

Father and Son team in Wiltshire expand their calf rearing enterprise as part of the Defra funded South West Calf Rearers group.

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Aberdeen Angus Scheme Update

The Blade Farming Aberdeen Angus scheme is gaining momentum. Read on to find out how you can be part of this unique scheme.

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Partners in Production - SCFF and Blade Farming Newsletter

Read the latest information about Blade Farming and Southern Counties FF in their December newsletter. Informative articles from other Business partners are also included.

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Aberdeen Angus cross calves in demand for a unique finished price contract

Young calves wanted urgently! To fulfil the demands of our customers we need to buy more Aberdeen Angus calves.

Calves must:
  • Have growth potential
  • Be at least 50 kgs when purchased
  • Be sired by Pedigree registered Angus bull
  • Have had sufficient colostrum in the early stages of life

Finishing contract

A limited number of places are available for this unique contract based on the meat quality Aberdeen Angus cattle. Cattle must be contracted by ear number, and must have at least one grazing period in their lifetime. 14 to 18 month old, 'R' grade cattle between 245 and 280 kgs dwt. can be sold finished on a fixed forward price contract of 2.25 / kg dwt.

* Finishing places are limited, so please Contact Us if you are interested.


South West Calf Rearers

Blade Farming Ltd has secured a Defra Farm Health Planning grant and it is being used to improve the standard of calf rearing in the South West. The 14 professional calf rearers who have the capacity to rear over 16,000 calves a year have joined together to form the South West Calf rearers. The group meet regularly to discuss issues with calf rearing on the units, and also invite specialists from within the industry to come to group meetings and share knowledge.

South West Calf Rearers and Farm Health Planning logos

* Read a testimonial from a Blade Farming Contract Calf Rearer. [PDF - 170Kb]


Blade expands its calf rearing business

Our existing network of professional calf rearers are expanding their enterprises. Ben Moody is one our rearers in Devon and Cornwall who has put up two new sheds each to accommodate batches of 120 calves at a time. Two other rearers have undertaken similar developments with purpose built calf units and others too have plans to develop their sites. Throughput of calves this year should top 16,000 as these new units come on stream.

At the same time we are working with our various partners in the supply business to continue to improve calf performance with attention to every detail. The dramatic expansion of the Blade calf rearing business has been facilitated by the quality of the calf rearers, the success of the Blade franchise finishing agreements and the unique funding package that Blade Farming provides for its Calf rearers.

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