Blade Farmworks

To manage the rearing and finishing operations effectively Blade has partnered with Shearwell Data to provide us with software to operate the production cycle called "Blade Farmworks".

This information is vital in understanding the profitability of the beef unit and is part of the franchise package offered by Blade. The IT system is being continually improved to help our farmers manage their system and ultimately to help our farmers reduce the costs involved in cattle production.

The user adds the information below:
  • Ear tag
  • Animal value in to the unit
  • Ration formulation
  • Cost of the ration
  • Health cost
  • Regular weighing information
  • Animal value out of the unit
This system will tell the finisher:
  • Daily live weight gain
  • Cost per Kg gained
  • Feed conversion efficiency
  • Close out report per batch

Blade has recently launched a system with Shearwell using wireless technology that will read the ear tag as the animal passes through the cattle crush or by using a robust handheld computer and "waiving" this near the animal to read the tag. This will link to the details stored on the computer about the animal and update information.

Electronic ear tags can be arranged through Blade who will then ensure that the tags are prepared and applied to the calves in the Blade rearing units.

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