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Health & NutritionCaring for livestock is vital. Blade Farming operates high health status calf units through a network of dedicated calf rearers that are all committed to improve the health of the animals in their care.

Since we began the Blade operation in 2000 we have focussed on reducing health issues on the units by operating a herd health plan with Westpoint vets.

The plan is specific to each calf unit and is reviewed every six months with our rearers and Vets. The calf units have standard operating procedures in the format of a rearing protocol which gives the team a plan to work to and along with great stockmanship is our recipe for success in the calf rearing units.

The calves leave the rearing units with a health certificate so that the beef finisher knows the history of the animal and is able to follow the health plan into the finishing phase. This system reduces the amount of medicines required throughout the lifetime of the animal and reduces production costs for beef finishers.

The end goal being efficient animals that are healthy and profitable.


Health & NutritionFor any cattle to be profitable they need to grow efficiently and the way that they are fed will have a significant influence on the characteristics of the meat that is being produced.

Blade Farming have been involved in cattle feeding trials which have set out to determine the best way to feed cattle to produce top quality meat, and as a result of this work the Blade contracts have specific requirements for the feeding of cattle.

For example, Blade Aberdeen Angus cattle must be grazed for at least 6 months during their lifetime, and finished on a forage and cereal based diet. Properly balanced, these requirements are proven to produce well coloured, tasty succulent meat at a young age.

Blade encourage all our Producers to work with the our main Business partners Ruminant Nutritionists in order to ensure that rations maximise home grown inputs, are correctly balanced and are cost effective. Well managed rations will significantly reduce the number of days to slaughter and have a major influence on enterprise profitability.

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In order for rations and production to be monitored accurately, cattle must be weighed on a regular basis. Recording and interpretation of data using the Blade Farmworks software, which is available to all Blade Producers, will lead to effective enterprise management.

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