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No place for romance if a system is unprofitable

No place for romance if a system is unprofitableProductive farm land being such a precious resource, it can be argued that today's occupants owe it to their fellow UK citizens, now and into the future, to make use of it as productively and sustainably as possible.

In this context, Chris Pring at Lower Ford Farm near Cullompton is right on the money when he says that the family business's beef suckler cows "use too many acres for the return they generate."

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Beef successfully replaces dairy

Beef successfully replaces dairySix years ago, the farm partners at WH Amesbury & Son near Axbridge in Somerset faced a situation that others will have experienced since, and many may be weighing up now-what to do with life after dairy farming?

Mr Amesbury says "Deciding to adopt the Blade system originally stemmed from the realisation at the time of ceasing milk production that we didn't actually know enough about beef production. Having a defined system to follow, with advice available when needed from experienced specialists, provided security and reassurance in the early days and continues today."

Case Study reproduced with kind permission from British Dairying

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Making the switch away from Dairy

Making the switch away from DairyA new Aberdeen Angus contract finishing business provides a positive alternative to dairy farming for the Keeling family in Somerset.

Mervin explains "Angus were the last thing on my mind... but when Blade Farming approached us it seemed like an easy option and seemed to fit in"

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Meet the 'Farmers Weekly Farmer of the Year 2010'

Meet the 'Farmers Weekly Farmer of the Year 2010'Read about John Hoskin; 'a traditional farmer who eats, sleeps and breathes family life and livestock'.

Find out how he has combined these skills with numerous other activities in the Beef industry to win this Prestigious award.

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Aberdeen Angus Beef Finishing Scheme

Aberdeen Angus Beef Finishing SchemeMark Amesbury, an ex Dairy farmer in Somerset has realised the benefits of the Blade Farming Aberdeen Angus scheme and is using them to his advantage on his mixed farm.

Mark explains "The disciplined approach to the Blade contract has made me look at the other enterprises on the farm, and consequently I have adopted the same approach to them. That has made them so much more efficient as well."

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