The Environment

EnvironmentCaring more for the environment goes together with being more efficient which is part of our long term strategy.

The Blade Farming Angus system has a focus on producing more forage from the land that our farmers have and this will ultimately be better in quality for the cattle. The result is better feed for the cattle and better growth rates.

The average age at slaughter in the UK for cattle is approximately 24 months and the Blade system is 20 months of age so a saving of more than 16%! This is a significant saving in methane reduction and feed required to meet the target live-weight gains.

Evidence shows that younger cattle at slaughter produce more tender meat and so proving that being more efficient is better for customers and the environment.

E-CO2 Project 'What If' Tool

McDonald's and the ECO2 project have worked together to develop the What If? tool for Beef farmers.

Calculate your Carbon Foot PrintFor the first time, this unique tool allows farmers to measure the carbon emissions they produce per kilo of beef, and benchmark their score against the top performing farms in any given production system.

To find out more about this valuable management tool and to calculate the carbon foot print for your beef production, please click here.

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