Beef Finishing Contracts

There is a complete range of forward price beef finishing contracts available for most types of finished cattle including:

Contracts Available

The contracts are very specific in terms of their requirements and cattle must be contracted by ear number with the office at a young age. The contracts, which are legally binding, are for supplying finished cattle into various ABP sites.

Weaned calves can be supplied to finishers wanting to enter into a contract, but home bred and reared calves can also be contracted provided that they meet the specifications required and are contracted at a young age.

A summary of the finishing contracts available is shown below. For more detailed information on grading grids and pricing please Contact Us.

   Age range  Weight (kgs)  Anticipated
 Aberdeen Angus (st & hfrs)  16– 24 months  250 – 360 kgs  O= / O+
 Holstein / Friesian bulls  16 months (max)  255 – 360 kgs  P+ / O-
 Continental x hfrs  24 months (max)  260 – 415 kgs  O+ / R-

Blade Farming & McDonald's

A short video showing Blade Farming working with McDonald's on H/Friesian beef production.

If you would like more information on our forward price beef finishing contracts please call 01458 259 413 or Contact Us using our enquiry form.

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