Contract Finishing Scheme

contract finishing schemeThe MAB Quality Cattle scheme is a unique beef finishing system which will supply high quality beef into the Mitchells and Butlers Pubs and Restaurants throughout the UK.

The opportunity exists for beef farmers to be part of this expanding initiative, without tying up capital in cattle purchases.

The scheme is financed by Mitchells and Butlers (MAB), and provides the beef farmer with a guaranteed margin when the cattle are slaughtered, provided that they meet the weights and grades that are set out at the start of the contract. Significant numbers of cattle are required to meet Mitchells and Butlersí requirements.

* Download Quality Cattle Scheme guide [PDF - 2Mb]

Full support is offered to the producer to aid the performance of the cattle and the system aims to supply quality cattle and at the same time maximize the use of on farm resources.

The key points to the Contract Finishing Scheme are:
  • High health status weaned calves are supplied to order by Blade Farming, and a deposit paid by the farmer.
  • Nutritional plans are prepared in advance of the cattle arriving on farm, and forward price feed contracts are available for the lifetime of the cattle from the preferred feed supplier, to reduce the risks of variable feed pricing.
  • Cattle must be regularly weighed to ensure that they are meeting the pre-defined production targets, and full support from the Blade team will be on hand to adjust rations as and when required.
  • The Blade team will be available to help select cattle for slaughter, and the contract management fee will be paid after the cattle are processed.

* Download Mitchells & Butlers Terms and Conditions [PDF]

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Download this informative brochure which outlines the benefits of the inovative Mitchells & Butlers Quality Cattle Scheme.

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