Forward Price Calf Rearing Contracts

Aberdeen Angus Calf Rearing Contracts

The Blade Farming Aberdeen Angus calf contract is designed to give Dairy Farmers an opportunity to buy into a Forward price contract for their Holstein Friesian cross Aberdeen Angus calves. Calf prices can be set for up to 12 months in advance.

Calf Rearing Specification:
  • All calves must be sired by a Pedigree registered Aberdeen Angus bull
  • The calves must be between 10 and 28 days of age at the time of purchase
  • The weight range for calves will be 48 - 60 kgs
  • Calves must be healthy and fit to travel
  • Calves must be fed on their dam's colostrum for at least the first two days of their lives
  • All calves must be accompanied by a full passport carrying the name of their sire
Benefits Include:
  • Gestation length reduced by up to 6 days when compared to some recognised beef breeds; Worth up to £21 per cow (GenusABS, 2007)
  • Considerable reduction in calving problems, again when compared to other recognised beef breeds; Worth up to £5 per cow (GenusABS, 2007)
  • Small thrifty calves with good growth potential
  • A secure outlet for calves all year round, backed up by a network of calf rearing units, and a rapidly developing scheme for Aberdeen Angus cattle
  • A contingency plan for TB restricted calves (subject to Defra movement regulations)
If you're interested in receiving a competitive forward price contact for your Aberdeen Angus calves, call us on 01458 259 413 or Contact Us using our enquiry form.

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