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Blade Farming Ltd was originally set up in 2001 to help beef farmers maintain a sustainable farm business as direct beef subsidies was removed.

The company was developed by Richard Phelps (Managing Director) to supply the ABP Langport site with high quality beef that would be consistent in age, breed, weight and conformation that would help the meat company in marketing the product to the higher end markets.

The result of this was that retailers could see the key benefits of using beef produced through the network of Blade farms and were able to use Blade beef in their pillar brands.

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Hear the views from industry leaders at the Blade farm diversification launch in London in June 2010.

It soon became clear that customers were keen on understanding who supplied the animals and how they were reared throughout their lives. The Blade Farming business model is now well established throughout the UK and is now in a position to supply other ABP sites with quality beef to meet their customers' requirements.

How are we unique?
Blade Farming is unique in the UK and we are proud that we have pioneered the only truly integrated beef supply chain. We now have in excess of 16,000 head of cattle in our operation making us one of the largest beef farming operations in England.

The Blade business model is part of a continuous development program to ensure we continue to meet our customer requirements and translate the information we receive into practical farm production information.

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How does the Blade system work?

Blade are involved in genetic improvement, calf selection, calf rearing, beef finishing, farm finance, technical assistance, animal health and raw material sourcing to ensure our cattle are fed correctly. We work closely with partners to ensure that our animals are managed safely and effectively.

Blade Farming Ltd is a franchise business for the beef finisher which means that our farmers sign forward price commitments backed by the abattoir they supply and pay Blade a franchise fee as the cattle are slaughtered. Beef finishers have a full range of forward pricing mechanisms available that are guaranteed for the lifetime of the animal signed to the contract.

The rearing operation is financed by Blade and the calf rearers are paid a management fee for calves that are reared to our standards.

The key to our operation is to ensure we deliver to our customers what they want and that our supply chains are efficient and sustainable. We work closely with our farmers and help them rear and finish cattle to a high specification for high value markets.

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