Aberdeen Angus Beef Finishing Contracts

Aberdeen AngusThere is strong demand for Aberdeen Angus x beef throughout the ABP group and in order to meet that demand, Blade Farming and ABP have three different contracts for Aberdeen Angus beef. Depending on your nearest ABP site, there will be an Angus contract available for you.

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How does the scheme work?

Aberdeen Angus cross calves arrive from our rearing units onto the farm at 3 months old and are reared on to be finished ideally by 20 months of age. This simple, extensive system requires the cattle to be grazed for at least 6 months of their life time and finished on a high cereal diet with a mineral supplement.

Cattle that fit these requirements and specifications, and achieve the minimum carcass weight of 250 Kgs dwt will command a significant premium through the abattoir.

Prices details quoted refer to the ABP base price, and are correct as at 1st Sept 2016

The details of the contract are as follows:

  • All cattle must be supplied by Blade Farming
  • Attractive financial premiums are available
  • All cattle must be grazed for at least one season and finished on a cereal based diet
  • Carcase weights and age at slaughter vary depending on the contract

* Contact Us for more specific details about the most suitable contract for you.

The key points of the Aberdeen Angus beef finishing scheme are:
  • First class weaned calves arrive to order on the Finishing unit
  • A forward price contract for the finished cattle is signed soon after the calves arrive on farm, securing a premium price for the cattle provided that they meet the target specifications
  • Cattle must be finished on a high cereal diet, containing a high vitamin E supplement to enhance the quality of the meat
  • Cattle should be finished by 24 months of age, with a minimum carcass weight of 250 Kgs dwt, though this can vary depending on the contract
  • All cattle will be priced according to their weight and grade on the ABP grid
  • Finishing cattle at a young age meets the consumer's requirements, and increases the throughput of the unit
  • Nutritional and management advice is available from Blade Farming representatives and our Partners in the feed supply industry to ensure that the cattle meet their growth targets
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